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Invigorating nature and lush islands

Discover one of China’s most pleasing cities. Book a flight to Xiamen and stroll around the Kah Kee Park that is brimming with Chinese pagodas (temples), or visit Hulishan Fort where you can learn all about China’s military history. Xiamen is located by the sea and surrounded by hills. It has charming beaches, parks and botanical gardens. The city is a true paradise in China.

Romance on the Piano island

Xiamen is famed as one of China’s most romantic destinations. Many recently married Chinese couples visit Southeast China for their honeymoon. There really is romance in the air in Xiamen, particularly if you travel to the nearby car-free island of Gulangyu. Walking is the way to get around. Explore the beautiful coastline and the lush gardens with their stone pedestrian bridges. Xiamen is the ideal destination for a fairytale honeymoon trip or the starting point for a tour of China. Treat yourself: book a flight to Xiamen now!

A city packed with history

At first sight, Xiamen seems modern, and even a little European. This port city has grown considerably over the last few decades and it has modern high-rise buildings, wide roads and city parks. Fortunately, a lot of the city’s historical heritage has also been conserved. For instance, at the foot of the nearby Wulao Mountain, you can find the Nanputuo Temple which is 1000 years old. This Buddhist temple is still in full use. Hundreds of monks study, sing and pray in the elegant complex every single day. Hulishan Fort is also worth visiting, if only for the amazing view it offers of the city and the ocean.

Flights to Xiamen for a unique holiday

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